Jun 21

5 Tricks for Seeing Shows on a Budget!

With the 2016-2017 season coming to an end, a sparkling new season of theatre is quickly approaching. With this comes the fact that buying several theatre tickets can add up in cost throughout the season, but there are several ways to lower the cost and save money this coming season!

For those that live far from the city and are looking for deals on local theatre, there are two apps that I use and definitely recommend.


Both of these apps are wonderful for finding discounted theatre tickets! Goldstar finds tickets for you based on your location and the type of event you are looking for. Not only does Goldstar have amazing discounts on theatre tickets, but you can also find tickets to improv shows, sporting events, masterclasses, and much more. Goldstar works for several different locations and features spectacular discounts, some of which vary on the number of tickets you buy or which section you would like to sit in.

TodayTix currently features discounted, last-minute show tickets for 9 major cities in the U.S., and in London as well! It is a free app, and features deals available a few days before the show date, to just moments before the curtain rises.

Invest in Season Tickets

Season tickets can be pricey, but they are an amazing investment for the season. Several cities around the U.S. have a large theatre that houses national tour casts for weeks at a time. Often, these venues have great prices for season ticket packages, where you can see up to 10 touring Broadway shows in a year! The more shows you see, the more you save!

Student/Cast Discounts

At some local theatres, student IDs can mean BIG savings! Be sure to ask before you buy a ticket if any discounts are offered for high school or college-age students with a valid ID. If you know someone in the cast, you can also be sure to ask if there is a “cast-reference” coupon code, meaning that if they refer you to the ticketing website, you can sometimes save a few dollars since you know someone in the cast.


Rush Tickets

For those of you that are willing to wait, rush tickets are always an option. Rush tickets are tickets that are bought by waiting outside the box office the day of the show. These tickets sometimes sell out quickly, so if you want to try and get them, you might have to wait by the box office for several hours, depending on the popularity of the show. You can find more information about rush policies on individual show’s websites.


Standing Room Tickets

If you are willing to stand throughout the duration of the show, this option can save you lots of money. This option is usually only offered in big-time theatre cities, such as New York or Chicago. Tickets usually range from $20-40 and can be obtained for sold-out shows at the box office.


BONUS: You can always enter a ticket lottery, in an attempt to win either free or heavily discounted tickets. Although this is a longshot depending on how well-known the show is, it can be worth a try!


Let me know in the comments below if you have any ticket tips or tricks that you swear by!


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