Dec 19

This Season’s Practical and Perfectly-Priced Broadway Gift Guide

This holiday season, here at Camp Broadway, we’re making it easy to find the perfect gift for your favorite theatre-lover! Here are five perfectly-priced and practical gifts featuring this season’s most popular musicals.

First up, one of my favorite shirts that I own, the “Eat Sleep Theatre Repeat” shirt (made by Etsy user StagAndCo) is only $23.95 and is perfect for the actor, stage manager, or techie that is always at rehearsal.

Just right for those who are always in awe of the spectacular costumes on Broadway is this print of Broadway’s most famous costumes over time (made by Etsy user PopChartLab. The print itself is only $29.00, and you can save money by purchasing your own frame to hang it in!

Looking for something more simple? For only $10, you can purchase Broadway-themed ornaments (made by Etsy user PartyPaperFavor). These adorable adornments for the tree come in the theme of several different musicals, such as Hairspray, Kinky Boots, Lion King, or Hamilton!



If you’re trying to find something shiny or sparkly this holiday season, a piece of jewelry might be the best option- try this Dear Evan Hansen inspired necklace (made by Etsy user PerfectionB)! It is engraved with the lyrics “You Will Be Found” and is absolutely beautiful. For only $13, it truly is a cheap and fantastic addition to your wishlist or shopping cart!

My personal favorite theatre-related gift I’ve ever received was a box of 
Official Playbill Frames! They allow me to display all of my favorite playbills (including my treasured signed ones!) on my wall for visitors to see when they enter my room. This is a practical gift idea, and at only $15.99 per frame, they provide a stunning place to display your playbills, as well as some neat room decor.

Did you find something to add to your wishlist? Maybe something to put in the cart for a friend or family member? Let me know in the comments down below if you found anything that I didn’t mention, or what your favorite theatre-themed gift has been!


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