Jun 11

Rocktopia: The Road To Broadway

Rocktopia is everything the name sounds like and more! As their website says, it is “A rule-busting multimedia extravaganza, Rocktopia fuses the most iconic 20th-Century Rock with the most world-renowned classical compositions. Five world-class vocalists – backed by a full symphony orchestra, an electrifying rock band, and a powerhouse choir – take the very concept of music to electrifying heights”.

Joshua William Green is an incredible Actor/Singer/Dancer and he was honored to make his Broadway debut in the powerhouse choir of Rocktopia! Interviewing Green was an awesome privilege for me. I first met Joshua William Green four years ago when I went to see Ragtime at Top Hat Productions, a local community theatre. He was playing Coalhouse Walker and his performance was mesmerizing. I had only just begun my musical theatre journey, but I knew that I was witnessing something special. I was right because in just a couple years Green went on to perform in the National Tour of Ragtime. To this day, that production has had a huge influence on my theatre career and Ragtime remains one of my most favorite musicals.

Joshua William Green is one choir member with a special connection to Rocktopia. He’s seen the show progress from the beginning. “I was a sophomore or junior in college,” he replied when asked when he first did the show. A Youngstown native, Green had the unique experience of doing a trial run of the show while it was in the early stages. The show ran at Powers Auditorium in Youngstown, Ohio with The Youngstown Symphony Orchestra, under Randall Craig Fleischer, the conductor/music director who also happens to be a co-creator of Rocktopia with Rob Evan.  After the show ended in Youngstown, however, it would be a while before Green would hear about the show again. Green had been performing in Lancaster at Sight & Sound Theatre when he found out that Rocktopia was getting ready to head to Broadway.  “It’s a place I didn’t expect myself to be,” he confessed humbly when asked about performing on Broadway.  I think he is right where he belongs!

When asked what he is most looking forward to after the close of Rocktopia, he replied “Sleep, sleep and more sleep!” and laughed. I doubt he will take too much time though because it won’t be long before he finds his amazing voice back on the Broadway stage! He is definitely one performer to look out for!

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