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 June 3 – 7, 2019

Who Is Mainstage Atlanta at Camp Broadway For?

Our Atlanta musical theatre camp is the destination where theater-loving kids ages 10 to 17 learn what life on Broadway is all about: working as a team to stage a full theatre production, personal growth in your artistic craft, and expanding your circle of theatre-loving friends. We’re happy to bring our signature musical theatre program to Atlanta, GA!

Located in the heart of Atlanta, this immersive 5-day intensive summer program offers Mainstagers a taste of the total production experience! Want to improve your acting chops or enhance your dance skills? At Camp Broadway, you’ll get to do it all while learning from seasoned Broadway professionals in a real Broadway setting. Mainstage is also an unforgettable event for the whole family, culminating in a dazzling finale performance, showcasing your learning, talent, and passion for theater!

Develop Your Character

Along your journey, you’ll also discover ways to Develop Your Character. Character means more than the role you play on stage – it’s also who we are off-stage. At Mainstage, developing your character means balancing teamwork with self-discovery and understanding how your individual contributions lead to group success. By cultivating the habits such as mindfulness, personal accountability, and courage, we become better people as well as artists.

Nervous about making your performing debut? Don’t be! You don’t need to be a local theater star or show choir diva to join Mainstage, just an excitement for the theater and a willingness to learn and grow in your craft. Our supportive and enthusiastic Broadway community awaits!

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions?

We’d love to chat! Contact Kerry Dineen at 212.575.3103 or to find the program that’s just right for your theater-lover.

Why Mainstage at Camp Broadway?

Researching and selecting a summer theatre intensive is a massive undertaking, and we know that you have lots of choices available. But with over 20 years of experience, here’s what makes our Mainstage program stand out from the crowd:

  1. You’ll Develop Your Character – literally and figuratively! During your time at Mainstage, you’ll learn and practice the Camp BroadWAY of Life, including mindfulness, self-awareness, courage and respect. No matter what path you pursue, these are skills that endure, both on-stage and off. Our values create community, and it’s this community that brings Mainstagers back every summer for more!
  2. Our focus is on Ensemble Players, Not Stardom. At the Mainstage, teamwork is emphasized over individual performances. That’s why our Mainstage productions are led by Broadway professionals that rehearse with you all week. By removing the focus from centerstage, all players are free take artistic risks, support their cast members and just have fun!
  3. We only hire Broadway professionals who also have a passion for teaching and working with tweens and teens. Over the course of your 5-day intensive, you’ll be taught and inspired by our staff of Broadway directors, choreographers, and music directors, who will support you through an authentic Broadway rehearsal process. Each of our staff are hand-selected, not only for their impressive credentials, but for their knack for seeing and bringing out talent in young people.
  4. You’ll gain new theatre-loving friends that feel like family. Mainstagers never leave the same as when they arrive. Staging a production with young thespians from across the country (and the world!), is enhanced by special Broadway traditions and the exceptional camaraderie that can only be built by sharing a stage. It’s these memories and connections that keep our Mainstagers in touch throughout the year and back for more every summer.

But you’ll also leave a piece of yourself behind. Part of what makes Broadway so beautiful is its dedication to honoring the past while reveling in the present. You’ll leave your mark by participating in one of Broadway’s most treasured traditions – the Gypsy Robe ceremony. Every cast member will create their own patch for the robe, forming a stunning physical representation of the many parts that make a whole.


What Can You Expect from Mainstage?

A better question might be “what won’t you do?” This jam-packed week has it all – from preparing and performing, to getting industry insights from the pros.

Your Mainstage package includes 5 days (40 hours!) of instruction and activities including:

  • Intensives in singing, acting, and dancing taught by Broadway professionals
  • Master classes with a current Broadway actor
  • Q&A with our staff of seasoned Broadway pros
  • Backstage tour of the Rialto theater
  • Camp Broadway swag – including our official t-shirt, labeled bag and pencil
  • A collectible Mainstage program patch
  • Your professional ‘Cast of Characters’ headshot
  • Healthy lunches, snacks and water – because you’ve got to feed the talent!

Mainstagers and their families also receive:

  • Access to the ‘Callboard’ – with exclusive sneak peeks and all the need-to-know details to get you ready for Broadway!
  • End-of-day info to prepare for the next day’s activities
  • A keepsake playbill from your Mainstage Finale performance
  • Complimentary admission to our Family Finale


$595when paid in full by December 31


$645with 50% deposit at registration

Marya's Gift

Thanks to the support from many of Camp Broadway’s grateful parents and generous friends, the Broadway Education Alliance, a New York based 501.c3, has established Marya’s Gift, to provide financial assistance to deserving children, ages 7-13, who do not otherwise have the means to attend Camp Broadway. Learn more.

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