This Is A Great Country Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never been to a Camp Broadway program before– is that OK?

Yes. Camp Broadway camps and performance opportunities regularly include both returning Cast Members and newcomers.

When should we plan to arrive in New York City?

We recommend travelling the day before the first scheduled rehearsal which will be begin in the morning.

What are the rehearsal hours of Camp Broadway’s This Is A Great Country?

The dates of rehearsal are Sunday, November 19 – Wednesday, November 22 with the parade performance on Thursday, November 23. The general rehearsal schedule is 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Sunday and Monday.

The schedule on Tuesday will be determined approximately 2 weeks prior to the event.  This is the date of the on-site camera rehearsal and is determined by the team at Macy’s. Camp Broadway does not have input on the timing of this rehearsal.  In past events the rehearsal schedule is approximately 1:00 pm – 9:00 pm and will include both in-studio and on-site rehearsals.

The schedule for Wednesday is approximately 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm.

The call time for the day of the parade is very early – approximately 6 am, but could be earlier.  Depending on Camp Broadway’s placement in the line of march the day will conclude as late as 12:00 noon.

What should my Cast Member wear during rehearsals?

Your Cast Member will be given two Camp Broadway t-shirts; each Cast Member must wear a Camp Broadway t-shirt every day. Additional shirts may be purchased at the time of registration. Comfortable non-constricting clothes and soft-soled sneakers or dance shoes should be worn during rehearsals. No jeans, flip-flops, sandals or platform shoes are allowed.

Will my child walk the parade route?

Yes.  All 125 Cast Members will walk the 2.5 mile parade route.  Camp Broadway staff who have been rehearsing with your children throughout the rehearsal week will chaperone the Cast Members throughout the event. The event happens in any and all weather including rain, snow, and low temperatures.  Please make sure your child is able to participate under these conditions as they will not be able to perform in front of Macy’s if they leave the line of march at any point in the parade route.

Will Camp Broadway’s performance appear in the telecast?

Camp Broadway has been selected for a planned performance in Herald Square for the NBC cameras. The length of the performance is 1 minute. Due to the live nature of the event, neither Camp Broadway, Macy’s nor NBC guarantees television coverage of your group in the parade.

Does Camp Broadway have parade viewing opportunities?

While Camp Broadway does not have live access to view the parade, we will announce a viewing location and breakfast for friends and families may option for viewing the parade.

What will Cast Members wear in the parade?

Cast Members will be provided with a costume to wear during the parade with the exception of footwear, which you will be asked to provide for your Cast Member. This information will be sent to Cast Member’s families as soon as the costume design is finalized. No additional clothing or outer wear may be worn over the costume.  Camp Broadway works to make sure the costume is as weather appropriate as possible allowing for additional clothing to be worn underneath. This costume will be theirs to keep. The price of the costume is included in the program fee.

When will I receive a detailed schedule?

Details of the schedule for all program rehearsals and related activities will be available approximately 2 weeks prior to the start of the program.

Where can I find program information and updates prior to receiving the final schedule details?

Upon receiving a casting notice and confirming you are accepting the casting offer by registering your child(ren), you will receive a private link to a dedicated page on our website featuring program details and other important information. Details about travel deals and program locations, to lunch menus and costumes will be updated there for you.

Is daily, full attendance mandatory?

Yes. For Camp Broadway’s Performance Opportunity events, there are no excused absences for any reason.  Our team is skilled at rehearsing a cast of young performers with very focused use of a short rehearsal period.  Therefore, all Cast Members must be present and fully participate at all times.

Where do Camp Broadway programs take place?

Camp Broadway programs are always held in authentic Broadway rehearsal studios that are also used by professional productions. Rehearsals will take place at Pearl Studios located at 500 8th Avenue (between 35th & 36th Avenues).  There will be a secondary rehearsal space for Tuesday and Wednesday in the vicinity which will be announced in September. Please note the Camp Broadway administrative offices are not housed in any of these locations.

Does my child need to bring lunch?

No. Lunch and dinner where applicable, healthy snacks and water will be provided during rehearsal times. All Camp Broadway programs are nut free. Additionally, any medical or dietary needs will be accommodated. You may send your Cast Member with a meal if you so desire. You will have an opportunity to indicate any food allergies or dietary restrictions during the registration process.

What are the Camp Broadway staff qualifications?

Camp Broadway staff members are required to participate in a rigorous interview and training process. Directors and lead creatives (choreographers and musical directors) must have Broadway and/or National Tour credits. Featured Players must have professional credits and Assistant Stage Managers are college age performers or recent graduates working towards a professional performing career. Our administrative staff, including on-site Line Producers, all have credentials in professional theatre as well. All staff submit to a background check and are CPR/First Aid certified.

Can the Cast Members leave the premises on his or her own, or must a parent or guardian be present?

If the Cast Member is 13 years of age or older, a parent or guardian may authorize a Cast Member to leave the premises alone with our “self-sign-out” option. This means that a Cast Member will be able to leave the premises unaccompanied by a parent, guardian or Camp Broadway Staff Member. Self-sign-out authorization must be given in writing to Camp Broadway either upon registration or with our designated form on-site. Alternately, on the enrollment form there is an option to add additional authorized guardians to pick up a Cast Member in the afternoon. All guardians must be at least 18 years of age.  There will be no self-sign out option available at the end of the parade.  All Cast Members must be signed out by an authorized adult at a location we will designate.

Do you provide housing?

No.  Housing needs for each family varies greatly.  However, we do have travel partners to assist our families.  For Camp Broadway’s This Is A Great Country, Alamo Travel is available to assist military families.  Additionally, Camp Broadway works with area hotels to offer special rates for our families.  This information is available upon registration.

Can I get a letter from Camp Broadway describing the reason for my Cast Member’s absence from School?

Yes. CLICK HERE to download a school excuse letter.

Can I request to place my Cast Member in a group with their friend or sibling?

No. Due to the nature of this program, groups are composed based on many casting variables. Therefore, we cannot accept requests for group placement.

Will parents be able to watch rehearsals?

No. Due to space constraints, parents are not permitted to watch rehearsals in-studio or camera rehearsals in Herald Square. However, there will be an in-studio dress rehearsal parents may attend on Wednesday, November 22.

I have a specific question. Who can I talk to?

Please contact our Parent Liaison, Kathleen Campbell at 212.575.2150 or