• I’ve never been to a Camp Broadway program before– is that OK?

    Yes. While many aspiring performers attend multiple programs, Camp Broadway is a welcoming place for all.

  • How much training does my child need to enroll in The Next Step?

    The Next Step is for performers age 14 to 17 with some experience singing, dancing and acting. It is an ideal program for young artists who want to focus on their individual stage performance as a next step in their training.

  • Can you explain The Next Step program?

    The Next Step participants enjoy individual attention from the Broadway training team. The 35-member ensemble is broken into small coaching groups to focus on character study, acting technique, song styling and movement. The program content is designed to promote mindfulness and self-discovery, inspire collaboration and courage, as well as instill respect for the process and others—all important skills both on-stage and off.

  • Where in the country is The Next Step offered

    Camp Broadway offers The Next Step in New York City in July for 1 week only. The program is also presented at the Shea’s Performing Arts Center in Buffalo, New York. Visit the Location section on this website for more details.

  • What is The Next Step schedule?

    The Next Step is a 5-day program held Monday-Friday from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. It culminates with the Family Finale Showcase on Friday afternoon.

  • Where does The Next Step take place?

    Camp Broadway programs are held in various Broadway rehearsal studios located in/around mid-town Manhattan, within minutes from the Broadway theatre district. The Next Step takes place in the same studios used by professional productions. The studio name and address will be posted on the program Callboard in advance of the session.

    Note: Camp Broadway’s administrative office is located outside this district.

  • How many students are enrolled in The Next Step?

    To provide ample personal attention, Camp Broadway caps enrollment at 35. The ensemble is organized into small coaching and rehearsal groups.

  • Is attendance at all sessions during the 5-day program mandatory?

    Yes. All Camp Broadway programs are cumulative. Consistent attendance at all class sessions creates an optimum rehearsal environment, inspires a more collaborative creative process and leads to a better performance outcome for all involved.

  • What are the professional qualifications of The Next Step teaching staff?

    For all programs, Camp Broadway’s teaching staff go through a rigorous interview and training process. Directors, Choreographers and Musical Directors must have Broadway and/or National Tour credits. Featured Players must have professional credits and Assistant Stage Managers are college age performers or recent graduates working towards a professional performing career. Our administrative staff, including on-site Company Managers, also have credentials working for professional theatre. Camp Broadway staff submit to an annual background check and are CPR/First Aid certified.

  • How do I register my child in The Next Step?

    Enrollment is on a first come, first serve basis. It caps at 35. Just click the registration button on The Next Step program page. It will direct you to Active, Camp Broadway’s secure registration platform.  Please make sure to provide the best email address and add Camp Broadway to your contacts to prevent our future communications from ending up in your spam folder.

  • How do I best prepare my child to participate in The Next Step?

    Once you have officially enrolled your child in The Next Step, you will receive a confirmation email from ACTIVE . The email will include a link to the program “Callboard” on our website. As the date of the session nears, you will receive periodic emails containing pertinent information such as rehearsal location and schedule, costume notes, and more.

  • Where can I find program information and updates?

    As referenced above, The Next Step Callboard is a dedicated page on our website that will have the most up to date information about the program. It is updated regularly as information is available and includes details about hotels, studio locations, rehearsal schedule, lunch menus, costumes details, etc. When in doubt—Go to the Callboard.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    If a session is cancelled by Camp Broadway, the full registration fee is refunded. If campers withdraw from the program up to 1 month in advance of the start date, we retain $250 out of the registration fee and the balance will be refunded to you. Similarly, there are no refunds on deposits or full payments on a cancellation made later than 4 weeks prior to the start of the program.

  • Who do I contact while The Next Step is in session if I have a question or concern?

    Prior to the first day of the program or at the parent orientation, you will be provided with an on-site contact name and telephone number. If you have any questions, requests or concerns and/or need to communicate with your child, your call will be relayed to the Line Producer and/or on-site manager that oversees your child.

  • Do you provide housing?

    No. Camp Broadway is not a traditional sleep-away camp and does not provide housing for any of our programming. However, we do have partnerships with area hotels. Check the Callboard for any special offers that may be available during your program.

  • Does my child need to bring lunch?

    No. Lunch, healthy snacks and plenty of water will be provided. All Camp Broadway programs are nut free. Additionally, any medical or dietary needs will be accommodated based on the information you provide on the required supplemental medical form.

  • What should my child wear at The Next Step?

    Your child will be given 2 Camp Broadway t-shirts; each camper must wear a Camp Broadway t-shirt each day. Additional shirts may be purchased through the program Callboard or on-site at registration. Comfortable non-constricting clothes and soft-soled sneakers or dance shoes should be worn for class. Jeans are not permitted.

  • Does my child need dance shoes?

    All participants should bring black character shoes to be worn for the final showcase

  • Does my child need a costume?

    Yes. Participants will be asked to bring simple costume pieces to wear in The Next Step Showcase. These are items that can likely be found in your own closet. You will receive an e-mail approximately two weeks prior to the start of the program with costume suggestions for your camper. This information is also posted on the Callboard.

  • Do I have to buy tickets for the Family Finale?

    No. Admission to the Family Finale Showcase is free. Family and friends are welcome to attend. (Some limits may apply based on venue size.)

  • I have a specific question. Who can I talk to?

    If, at any time, you have any questions about your registration or participation in The Next Step or any other program, please contact Dale Semler at 212.575.3103 or dale@campbroadway.com.  Office hours are M-F, 9 am – 3 pm.