• Where can I find program information and updates prior to arriving in New York City?

    Upon receiving a casting notice and confirming you are accepting the casting offer by registering your child(ren), you will receive a private link to a dedicated page on our website (the Callboard) featuring program details and other important information. Details about travel deals and program locations, to lunch menus and costumes will be updated there for you.

  • When should we plan to arrive in New York City?

    We recommend traveling the day before the first scheduled rehearsal which will begin in the morning.

  • What are the rehearsal hours?

    Rehearsals will begin at approximately 8:30 AM on the day of the program. The performance and the rehearsal will take place within one day. Cast Members will remain with the Camp Broadway Staff until the conclusion of the performance which is approximately 9:00 PM.

  • What should my Cast Member wear during rehearsals?

    Your Cast Member will be given a Camp Broadway t-shirt to wear during rehearsal. Comfortable non-constricting clothes. The footwear Cast Members will wear in the performance should be worn during rehearsals. No jeans, short-shorts, flip-flops, sandals or platform shoes are allowed.

  • What will Cast Members wear for the performance?

    Cast Members will be provided with costume accessories to wear during the performance. You will be provided with a description of clothing pieces to be worn in performance including footwear. This information will be available on the Callboard. No additional clothing or outer wear may be worn over the costume.

  • When will I receive a detailed schedule?

    Details of the schedule for all program rehearsals and related activities will be available on the Callboard, approximately two weeks prior to the start of the program.

  • Is daily, full attendance mandatory?

    Yes. For events featuring the Camp Broadway Kids Ensemble, there are no excused absences for any reason.  Our team is skilled at rehearsing a cast of young performers with very focused use of a short rehearsal period.  Therefore, all Cast Members must be present and fully participate at all times.

  • Where do Camp Broadway programs take place?

    Camp Broadway programs are always held in authentic Broadway rehearsal studios that are also used by professional productions. These are located primarily in the midtown area on the West Side of Manhattan.

  • Does my child need to bring lunch?

    No. Lunch and dinner where applicable, healthy snacks and water will be provided during rehearsal times. All Camp Broadway programs are nut free. Additionally, any medical or dietary needs will be accommodated. You may send your Cast Member with a meal if you so desire. You will have an opportunity to indicate any food allergies or dietary restrictions during the registration process.

  • Can the participants leave the premises on his or her own, or must a parent or guardian be present?

    There will be no self-sign out option available for this event. All Cast Members must be signed out by an authorized adult at a location we will designate.

  • Can I get a letter from Camp Broadway describing the reason for my Cast Member’s absence from School?

    Yes. A letter for your child’s school is available on the Callboard.

  • Can I request to place my Cast Member in a group with their friend or sibling?

    No. Due to the nature of this program, groups are composed based on many casting variables. Therefore, we cannot accept requests for group placement.

  • Will parents be able to watch rehearsals?

    No. Due to space and security constraints, parents are not permitted to watch rehearsals.

  • I have a specific question. Who can I talk to?

    Please contact us at 212.575.6403 or info@campbroadway.com