• I’ve never been to a Camp Broadway program before– is that OK?

    Yes. Camp Broadway programs are regularly attended by both returning participants and newcomers. While we have many returning campers, there is no pre-requisite for attending a camp program with us for the first time.

  • How much training does my child need to enroll in MyMainstage?

    No prior acting, singing or dancing experience is required to participate in the MyMainstage program. Due to the ensemble nature of the program both beginners and experienced campers will be nurtured and challenged.

  • Does this program take place entirely online?

    Yes. MyMainstage is an adaptation of Camp Broadway’s signature Mainstage program. All activities have been designed to be delivered in an online rehearsal/learning environment.

  • What equipment/internet access is needed to participate?

    All you need is an internet connection and common devices to join online classes and create videos which will be uploaded to a secure site. Devices can be a laptop or desktop computer, smartphone, tablet or similar. Headphones (preferably wireless) will also be needed.

    Note: Two devices will be needed to create videos according to easy specifications. This can be two smartphones, a laptop and a smartphone, or a smartphone and a tablet.

  • Will I need special software to participate?

    You will need a few common consumer applications to participate including, Zoom and Dropbox. Additionally, you will need to sign up for an account with Production Pro, and our streaming platform, Broadway On Demand. All of these are free and very simple to use.

  • How will videos made by the campers be used in the program?

    As part of MyMainstage, campers will learn musical numbers from a featured Broadway show. Campers will then create videos according to instructions we will provide. These videos will be edited into an ensemble performance of the show! All videos will remain private and used only in the final show which will be viewed on a secure streaming platform.

  • What are the qualifications of the Camp Broadway staff?

    Camp Broadway staff members go through a rigorous interview and training process. Directors, Choreographers and Musical Directors must have Broadway and/or National Tour credits. Featured Players must have professional credits. All production and administrative staff have professional theater and performing arts careers.

  • Are there child safety measure in place?

    Yes. Camp Broadway is committed to a safe environment for our campers, families, and staff. All staff submit to an annual background check and are CPR/First Aid certified.

    For all online camps, an administrative staff member will monitor all activities and rehearsal. Campers will never be with fewer than 2 adults in one online classroom.

  • What are the hours of MyMainstage?

    MyMainstage is a 10-day program, occurring Mon – Fri over a 2-week period. Depending on your camper’s group assignment, hours are from 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM EST or 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM EST.

  • Will there be ``homework`` outside of camp hours? Is this ``homework`` mandatory?

    Yes. In order to appear in our online video performance, campers will be required to create and upload 3 videos of themselves performing musical numbers learned in daily classes and rehearsal. These will be short and easy to do at home.

    There will also be pre-camp activities to gather items needed for costumes and props. These will be in the form of a “Props Scavenger Hunt” and a “Shop in Your Closet” activity for creating your camper’s costume. These are all items you will likely already have at home.

  • Where can I find detailed program information and updates?

    Each Camp Broadway program has a weblink to a Virtual Event Bag featuring program details and other important information. An invitation to this page will be provided to you in the confirmation email you receive once your child is enrolled. Here we will update you on details specific to your family’s time with Camp Broadway. Links specific to your camper’s group will be gathered in one place and featured as “buttons” in your Virtual Event Bag.

  • What is the capacity of MyMainstage?

    The maximum enrollment for myMainstage is limited to 60 participants. Participants work in four groups of 15 organized by age; generally ages 10-11, 12-13, 14-15, and 16-17. Please note these ages may vary depending on the number of campers of each age who enroll in the program.

  • Can I request my child to be in a group with a friend or relative attending the same program?

    Yes. In the registration form, there is an option to request your participant be grouped with another participant. Requests will be accommodated so long as the campers’ ages align with the general group guidelines.

  • Is daily, full attendance mandatory?

    Yes. All of Camp Broadway’s programming is cumulative. Consistent attendance ensures the best experience for all participants.

  • What should my child wear at MyMainstage?

    Even though this program is online, Camp Broadway does require a certain dress code. This is to ensure campers can move easily for dance/movement rehearsals and to maintain protocols in a professional rehearsal environment. This attire includes comfortable, non-constricting black yoga pants or track pants. Black shorts (mid-thigh or longer) are also permitted. No jeans.

  • Does my child need a costume?

    Yes. Participants will be asked to identify simple costume pieces to wear in the final performance. These are items you will likely have in your closet at home. Approximately two weeks prior to the start of the program, costume suggestions for your camper’s group will be available in your Virtual Event Bag.

  • Does my child need dance shoes?

    No. If your child does not have dance shoes, it is not necessary to purchase them specially. Soft-soled sneakers or tennis shoes with laces are acceptable. No flip-flops, sandals, open toed or platform shoes are permitted.

    If your child does have dance shoes, they may of course wear them.

  • Will parents be able to watch rehearsals?

    We encourage parents to allow their campers to participate independently. However, we understand that campers may need assistance logging in to rehearsals or other support to participate. We do ask parents, or other adults to not engage in the rehearsals, offer direction, or otherwise interact with the campers during the camp activities.

  • Can I receive child care credit on my income tax?

    In most cases, yes. Please consult your tax preparer to learn if this applies to you. You will need to supply Camp Broadway’s Federal Tax ID number when filing your taxes. Please contact the Camp Broadway office for this information.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    If a session is cancelled by Camp Broadway, the full fee will be refunded. Campers may withdraw from the program up to 1 month in advance and will be given a full refund, minus a $250 processing fee. Cancellations made later than 4 weeks prior to the start of the program will not be entitled to a refund. Any payments made after this time will not be refunded.

  • I have a specific question. Who can I talk to?

    If, at any time, you have any questions about your registration or participation in our program, please contact us at 212.575.6403 or info@campbroadway.com