• What is the Camp Broadway Affiliate Program?

    The Camp Broadway Affiliate Program allows individuals to receive benefits for referring new campers and families to Camp Broadway, something many families, staff and colleagues do already.  This allows us to reward you for being loyal supporters of the national Camp Broadway community.

  • Who can be a Camp Broadway Affiliate?

    Any adult 18 and older can be a Camp Broadway Affiliate including Alumni, Educators, Performing Arts Professionals and Business Owners.

  • How do I communicate about the Camp Broadway Affiliate program and promote Qualifying Enrollments in Eligible Programs to campers and their families?

    When you register as a Camp Broadway Affiliate, you will be provided access to a private page on Camp Broadway’s website called the Affiliate Callboard.  Here you’ll find resources such as flyers, logos, and photos as well as pro-tips for posting on social media and other ways to promote your status as a Camp Broadway Affiliate so you can maximize your Affiliate Benefits.

  • How do I earn Affiliate Benefits?

    Affiliates earn benefits when they directly refer a Qualifying Enrollment to an Eligible Program.  The enrolling participant must complete registration, pay for the tuition in full and enter the appropriate code in the Affiliate Referral Field at the time of registration.

  • What is a Qualifying Enrollment?

    A Qualifying Enrollment is any camper registration that is new to an Eligible Program. Repeat registration by campers annually in Eligible Programs will not count toward Affiliate Benefits.

  • What is an Eligible Program?

    Eligible Programs include 5-day camps in New York City, Atlanta, Miami, and San Antonio.  Affiliate Benefits may be applied toward tuition to camp programs in New York City, Atlanta, Miami and San Antonio. Affiliate Benefits may be applied toward tuition for select Special Events in which the Camp Broadway Kids Ensemble performs.

  • How frequently are Affiliate Benefits delivered?

    You will receive a quarterly statement from Camp Broadway if you have earned Affiliate Benefits.  If you have had no earnings in a given quarter, you will not receive a statement.

  • How can I apply my Affiliate Benefits?

    Affiliate Benefits may be received in the form of an (1) Amazon Gift Card, (2) Camp Broadway tuition credit in Eligible Programs (minimum benefit amount applies) or (3) as a donation to Camp Broadway’s Scholarship Fund, Marya’s Gift.

  • Can I choose a different form of benefit application each quarter?

    Yes. When you receive your quarterly statement, you will have 1 week to reply indicating how you’d like to receive your Affiliate Benefits.  If you do not respond in this period, you will receive your benefits in the form of an Amazon Gift Card.

  • What is the minimum benefit amount needed to apply Affiliate Benefits as tuition credit?

    A minimum of 8 referrals are needed in order to apply Affiliate Benefits to tuition for a Camp Broadway Eligible Program.

  • Is there a limit on Affiliate Benefit amounts?

    Yes. The total number of eligible referrals are maximized at 64 referrals annually.

  • How do I apply my Affiliate Benefits to be used as a credit toward tuition for an Eligible Program?

    Credit for camp enrollments is available to be applied at the time of enrollment. Affiliates may apply additional benefits to tuition on May 31 and July 5 of the year in which the program occurs. Benefits may not be applied to balances after these dates. In no instance can benefits be used in a way that would generate a refund of either cash or reinstatement of Affiliate Benefits.

  • Can I designate my donation of my Affiliate Benefits to Marya’s Gift to a specific child?

    No. However, when a scholarship recipient enrolls in an eligible program, Affiliate Benefits may be applied to the tuition amount not covered by scholarship funds.  (See “How do I apply my Affiliate Benefits to be used as tuition credit toward Eligible Programs”? for information about the timing of applying benefits).

  • I have a specific question. Who can I talk to?

    If you have any questions about the Affiliate Program or Affiliate Benefits, please contact Jenine Stephens at 212.575.2953 or jenine@campbroadway.com