Broadway Success Stories

Shirley Jones: (Partridge Family, Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, Elmer Gantry, Me and Juliet, Oklahoma, Music Man, Carousel) Shirley Jones grew up in Pennsylvania, singing in church and coached by a vocal instructor from the age of five, however she was utterly inexperienced in theater when she auditioned for... read more →

Book of Mormon Master Class

  By Harley Ann Kulp Who hasn’t heard of Book of Mormon? It won the 2011 Tony Award for Best Musical (and eight other Tony’s) and it truly deserved it! Book of Mormon is a hilarious musical with the most clever - and inappropriate - lyrics possibly ever written. Though... read more →

Into The Woods Movie Experience

by Maison Kelly There is no denying it, movie musicals have seen a huge revival recently. Yet, this genre still seems to be completely hit-or-miss in quality, and the movie production of a theatre goer's favorite show offers no guarantees to meet his or her standards. While more light-hearted musicals,... read more →

Top Ten Musical Group Numbers

  Nothing is better than a group number! Whether it’s a stellar opening, and heart-racing eleven o’clock number, or an intense closing, a group number is everybodys favorite. These are our top ten group numbers from Broadway. 10. “Circle of Life” from Lion King This number is absolutely breath taking!... read more →

Stagedooring 101

Stagedooring - to some it’s a ritual every time they see a Broadway show. Maybe that's you? Or maybe you may not be familiar with the concept of "Stagedooring". This post is for Broadway fans everywhere who want to learn what Stagedooring is and the best way to go about... read more →